Do you have anchors in your life?  They are the people whom you can talk to that calm you down.  They know you so well that there is a certain peace that you feel when you talk and interact with them.  An understanding.  They get where you’re coming from.  They get you.

I have anchors in different areas of my life.  I realized the idea of these anchors when I noticed that my anchors were missing.  In my career, my anchors are Margaret, Kathleen and Joy.  Margaret is having a wonderful time in Portugal this year.  Kathleen had a stint at a charter school, worked for the Department of Natural Resources and then came back to teaching.  Joy is still at my school, but has been gone this quarter because of her maternity leave.

Awhile back, I got a call from Margaret.  I was so shocked when she called from Portugal.  It felt so good to talk to her.  They got some sort of deal so they can make calls to the US after 9pm.  We talked for over an hour!

Later that week, I was able to meet both Joy and Kathleen for a happy hour.  There was a big group that was seeing Joy and her new baby.  Even though we were in a big group, for some reason, I felt better just spending some time with them.

I don’t know how these three became my anchors.  I have traveled with all three of them.  There is something about traveling together that bonds you.  You have these shared experiences that are goofy, exciting and crazy.  You get to know someone on a different level. Besides having these travel experiences, we have a shared experience of teaching.  Not just teaching – teaching the same kids, with the same issues and struggles.

I hate when people use the term “in the trenches”  in regard to  teaching.  We aren’t in a war.  But these gals…  They’ve got my back.  And I’ve got theirs’.  I don’t know how they became my anchors.  But they are my anchors.  And for some reason, when I talk to them, email them, or get to see them, everything is better.


One Response to “Anchors”

  1. dkzody Says:

    Do you realize we’ve been doing these blogs for 3 years now? We both started in November, 2007. We’ve come a long ways, and yet it seems like just yesterday.

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