Hiding Out

It’s Halloween.  I’m hiding out.  I’m sitting toward the back of the house with minimal lights on.  By now I can probably get back to normal…

I used to hand out candy for Halloween.  I’d get a bunch, put it in a bowl and eagerly wait trick-or-treaters.  Guess what?  I live in a neighborhood of retirees.  There are no little kids in my ‘hood.  I ended up with tons of candy left over.  Although that is a yummy situation, it’s not so good for the waistline.

One year, I had maybe, three rings of the doorbell.  The kids started reaching into my bowl to grab handfuls of candy.  Greedy bastards.  Then, I had a rather tall trick-or-treater that was a ghost.  When I gave him candy I was thinking that he was too old to be coming around begging for candy.  As he turned to leave, I saw him reach his hand around which was holding a lit cigarette, taking a drag as he walked down my driveway.

That was the end of my Halloweens handing out candy.


3 Responses to “Hiding Out”

  1. Ms. Cookie Says:

    Whew! I’m not the only one. I HATE answering the door. This year we went to see, “RED”, and quickly closed the garage door when we came home at 8:30. I was done for one year when I left out a bowl full of candy …. (naive, but whatever, it worked the year before), and someone took the bowl.

  2. dkzody Says:

    Terry was in Fresno and went to our church’s trunk or treat. People decorate their cars and park in the church parking lot where the neighbor kids come and play games, eat, and get candy at each car. Terry did the photography.

    I, on the other hand stayed, in, watching the street from my perch on high. OUr building has no kids (I checked with concierge to see what goes on) so I didn’t have to be concerned.

  3. dkzody Says:

    Thanks for coming by. yes, being in SF is terrific with all that goes on. Terry and I went to a gallery opening last night for the photographer who does iliveheresf blog. Fun.

    You are going to LOVE San Diego. It is a great town and the weather is amazing. Probably the best in the whole state. Keep me posted.

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