Breakfast to Go

My job description has something new added this year. Taking out the trash. Yes, I have a Master’s degree for this.

We have a new program in our school. Because we have close to 80% of our students qualifying for free-or-reduced lunch, they all get breakfast for free. They’ve actually been getting free breakfast for several years now. But breakfast has been where it belongs, in the cafeteria. In order to force up the participation in the breakfast program we now have Breakfast to Go (B2G).

There are several stations set up around the building. When kids arrive in school, they pick up a breakfast and they bring it to their first hour classroom. They can take a minimum of three items and a maximum of five.

I was prepared to hate the B2G program. Food in my classroom? Spills, smells, dirty desks, mice… ick. So far I haven’t seen any mice in my room. The kids are pretty good at not making a mess. They actually seem to make it to class on time much easier. There’s not a mad dash to get to class at 7:29:30am. The halls are quite clear when they used to be very congested. But there is one part I do dislike. Taking out the trash.

Each morning I have to put a special trash bag in my trash can. Hopefully the kids are good at getting all of their breakfast trash into that particular bag. If they don’t, then I have to deal with spilled milk, corn flakes, juice, fruit or whatever when I tie up the bag and put it in the hallway.

I don’t always remember to take out the trash. Some days I hear the custodian rolling the trash bin in the hallway and have stop teaching and make a mad dash to tie up and take out the trash.

The other consequence of this is that my student supervision time starts 15 minutes earlier each day. That means if I need to make copies in the morning I need to get to school much earlier. It also translates into about 46 hours for the entire year of extra student contact time. Fifteen minutes a day doesn’t seem like a lot to ask for, but when you consider everything we’re expected to do and the little time we’re given to do it, 15 minutes a day is a lot.


One Response to “Breakfast to Go”

  1. Sharkey Says:

    Our church organist/choir director teaches high school music in Delaware. They’re required to do lunch duty, and one of their jobs is to push the big trash cans around and collect the kids’ trash. It just blows my mind that the teachers are required to do this. Forget the part about their degrees, how much they’re being paid to do this, etc. I just think about how they’re almost like the kids’ servants. It’s ridiculous–why can’t the kids just drop their trash in the can on the way out of the cafeteria?

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