A nice surprise

Tuesday was the first day of school.  We were expecting over 1800 students and starting a new breakfast program so we were all a little apprehensive.  The day (and the week, for that matter) went quite well.

After the homeroom time I headed back to my room to meet my Algebra 1 students.  When I got there, I found more than just students.  A young man showed up and introduced himself and said he was a T.A.  There are a few students in my class with special education needs and as a result, I have Mr K in my room for the hour.

It would have been nice to know ahead of time that I’d have Mr K.  At first I wasn’t sure how to react.  I’ve never had another adult in the room when I’m teaching.  He told me he’s there to help these two kids in particular, but he usually just walks around the room and helps all of the kids.  Could this be true?  Another competent, helpful adult in my classroom?  I’ll admit, I was very skeptical.  I was also rather self-conscious that someone would be watching me teach every day.  It’s one thing to act like a goof in front of teenagers, it’s another in front of adults.

As the week progressed I worked my way through the new technology and the new students.  I had a few that missed the first 2 days of school.  While I was teaching on Thursday, Mr K discretely went to the kids that had missed and set down his notebook for them to copy the notes from the day before.  How cool is that?  He knew exactly what they needed and did it.  I didn’t have to direct any of it.

I’ll admit that I was apprehensive at first when Mr K showed up at my door.  But I think this is going to be a pretty cool arrangement.  And best of all…  Maybe we can catch all of those kids that fall through the cracks instead of just a few.


3 Responses to “A nice surprise”

  1. Mr. K Says:

    (A different Mr K)

    We call those resource teachers – I’ve had good ones and not so good ones. The best not only helped in the classroom, but also showed me ways to make math more accessible to IEP kids. There are also some who take as much or more management than the kids do.

    You’re right, though – it’d be nice to know about them before they show up in your classroom.

  2. dkzody Says:

    Sounds like you got a terrific aide. Unfortunately, the ones who come with our special needs kids would usually leave after awhile, only showing back up at the end of class. Or, they would sit at the back of the room and play on the computers. I never had one that actually helped with teaching which I would have welcomed with open arms.

  3. Peggy Says:

    hip hip hooray for Mr. K!!

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