The Purge Continues…

Up next: my closet.  Ugh.

I’ve actually made some really good progress this summer.  I’ve had a break from the project for about 3 weeks.  My classes, conference and travel were probably a good diversion.  Before the respite I did the “den” and guest bedroom, part of the living room and part of my bedroom.  I have lots of bookshelves that have been receptacles for stuff I didn’t want to deal with.

The guest bedroom was a pretty big deal.  I’m a Mary Kay consultant [very part-time] and I’ve got supplies and products that have accumulated over 11 years.  The company has revamped a lot of products since I started.  Needlesstosay I threw a lot of stuff.  I have a few boxes of samples ready for donation to a women’s shelter or somewhere similar.  I’ve got some really old product that needs to go too.  The rationale used for purging that room was pretty easy: If I wouldn’t want to put it on someone’s face it’s out the door.

My closet is a big project.  I already took out some stuff that I’m going to bring to school.  I’d rather give a sweatshirt to a kid that could use it.  Plus, if it has my school name on it, kids would probably be cool with it.

Do any of you have a suggestion for organizing jewelry?  I’ve got a lot of cool stuff that I’ve accumulated from my various travels.  I like to wear it, but it gets put aside and I forget about it.

It feels good to get rid of all of this stuff.  So I’ll keep plugging away…


One Response to “The Purge Continues…”

  1. dkzody Says:

    I don’t wear jewelry except my watch and my wedding ring so I’m probably not the one to give advice here. I had a jewelry box that dated back about 40 years where I had kept a strange assortment of things. I used to wear pins on scarves (ah, the 70s) so have lots of those pins. There are a few barcelets and rings. Oh, and a hat pin. I threw away the hat pin, sorted through what was still usable, and gave the whole thing to my daughter for my granddaughter who likes to put jewelry on her stuffed animals. My daughter thinks she may use the jewelry box and give the cardboard box she had been using for her jewelry to my granddaughter.

    Hubby and I both had class rings, again over 40 years old. Took them to a gold buyer and got $100 cash. So, there’s my solution to jewelry!

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