Moving slowly…

When you watch golf, it doesn’t really look like a strenuous sport.  Swing a club, tap in a put.  How strong do you really need to be?

Today I’m feeling like a wimp.  I played 18 holes yesterday at Pole Creek near Tabernash, CO.  It’s a long course.  I don’t even play the whole thing!  I pick up my ball and move it when I feel like it.  Sometimes I do a tee shot, pick up and then play in from 150 yards out.  Considering I hadn’t golfed in like, a year, I played ok yesterday.  I chipped in for the first time ever.  I had a legitimate par even.  But today…

My entire right side is stiff.  My whole arm and even both of my hands.  I can feel the muscles in my back and my hips.  I didn’t think I was in that bad of shape!  Maybe it’s an age thing…

I have 3 days to recover until the next golf outing.  But this time it will only be 9 holes.  Whew…


2 Responses to “Moving slowly…”

  1. dkzody Says:

    Hey, it’s back to school time here. Why aren’t you in that classroom putting up posters instead of putting around? Sounds like you are still having a good summer break.

    • certainabsurdity Says:

      Our kids don’t start until after Labor Day. Teachers go back on August 30th. It must feel weird to NOT get revved up for school. I’ll bet you’re enjoying it!

      On another note… I saw a photo in Food and Wine magazine and recognized it as the cupid arrow near your SF place. It’s kind of fun to recognize places because of your blog. 🙂

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