Side Trip

I figured that I ought to check out Lake Geneva while I’m here. It’s only about 10 miles east of Delavan. You drive through areas of lush vegetation and mature trees. The town of Lake Geneva only has about 8000 residents. But the main drag was bustling with people. The centerpiece of the town is the lake.


The lakes around here seem to be very well-developed. I was surprised at the concrete walkway around the lake where I’m staying. I guess they don’t have to think about erosion of the shoreline. But I do think there are issues with chemicals from fertilizers making their way into the lakes.

On my drive back, I was at a stoplight and noticed the sunset over Lake Delavan. Yes, I took the photo from my car… But it still was a cool sunset.


Lastly, you can’t go to Wisconsin and not get any of this…


I know I can’t get this beer without driving over the border, so I may as well get some while I’m here. I’m going to have to have a party or something. I’ve got way too much beer at my house.


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