Summer Activities

At the end of the school year I was asked by many people where I was planning on going this summer.  To their surprise, I told them that I wasn’t going on a major trip.  I’m just doing my standard Michigan and Colorado trips that I usually take.  Last summer was a pretty big deal, so I’m feeling fine about being home.  It’s not as if I’m just lounging for the entire summer.  I’m getting stuff done and enjoying some new things.

Last Friday started my string of two classes.  I had a one credit course titled: Math Based Art Projects for two days.  This week I’m taking a 3 credit course titled: Broadening Our Educational Horizons.  I haven’t done a lane change in a while, so I might as well take some fun classes while I have the time.

I’ll try to write about each of my classes to give you a flavor of what I’m learning.  For the second class, I need to journal about each day and the experiences, so I might as well share it with you, dear reader.  The class this week is exploring the different cultures and religions as well as learning about GLBTQ and PFLAG.

As a preview, I’ll give you a peek at my week:

Day 1: Introductions, Syllabus, GLBTQ and PFLAG speakers

Day 2: Hindu Temple with Indian meal and afternoon Latino Presentation

Day 3:  Mosque and Muslim Community Center with a Middle Eastern lunch

Day 4:  Hmong Center tour and discussions

Day 5:  Synagogue tour and learning about the Jewish faith

After 2 days of class, I can say that I’m really enjoying this one.  It’s nice to have a class that you will be able to apply your knowledge so easily.  The field trip nature of the class also makes it fun.

Next week I’ll be attending a union conference put on by the Illinois Federation of Teachers.  I’m taking a class called: Building a Political Powerhouse.  I’ll be traveling to a resort in Wisconsin (almost to the IL border) for that one.  But before I think about that one, I need to get through my current class.


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