Trust it, or not?


I just got back from a road trip. Each direction was 670 miles and about 11.5 hours. The drive is not very difficult. I just get nervous driving through Chicago.

On the drive back, I need to take the Toll Road exit. I knew the exit and was prepared for it. But, I hesitated, read the signs and didn’t keep right and missed my exit. The problem is: you can’t just turn around and re-do it. So I started following what the GARMIN was telling me. But then it re-calculated onto some obscure route through Chicago. All I wanted to do is get on the I-90 W Chicago Skyway. Somehow I was able to drive around and disobey the Garmin and find my way to the toll road.

You can go around Chicago, but it adds on a significant number of miles and isn’t any faster that going right through downtown. I drove through around noon. You will always encounter traffic here. Most if the time it moves pretty well even though there’s lots of traffic. There were a few times when I had to slow down. It is kind of cool to see the downtown.


On my way back, I was not alone in the car. I thought I was going to have someone to talk to. But why would you want to chat with your aunt when you’ve got movies to watch and a game to play?



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