(Your age/2) + 7

Several years ago I was chaperoning students during a winter camping trip.  Part of what makes these trips interesting is the interaction with the students.  There were only a handful of girls on this trip.  During some of the free time we would have some eye-opening conversations.  One conversation had to do with dating.

The parent of one of the girls was dating someone quite a bit younger.  So I asked what their definition was of being too young to date.  To my surprise, they gave me a mathematical equation: (your age/2) + 7.   I was quite impressed.  y= .5x + 7 seems like a pretty good equation to me, provided that x is greater than or equal to 15 or so.  Would that mean that the inverse is true for how much older one can date?  The inverse works out to: twice your age – 14.  If I work this out for my age, it means I can date in the range between 27 and 66.  When putting this in perspective, I have many former students in the range from 27 – 31.  Creepy.  Sixty-six would be just shy of my parents’ ages.  Even more creepy.

I kind of have a thing with age.  I know, people say that age is just a number.  Yeah, yeah.  But honestly, why would I date someone in their sixties?  What is the intention of someone in their sixties asking me out?  Even if it is just to chat, I’ll go hang out with my parents or aunts and uncles if I want to hang with that generation.

I know there are people who would disagree with me.  But we are not in an age where a woman is dependent on a man for her survival.  I don’t need another father figure.  I like the one I’ve got.

So what do you think is the appropriate equation?  I know a lot depends on the individual and if they’re young at heart or an old soul.  Right now, I’m thinking that your age plus or minus ten is a pretty good range.  From there, evaluate on a case by case basis.


4 Responses to “(Your age/2) + 7”

  1. Jones McDolovan Says:

    Let’s compare the ideal, that you get a partner of your age, to this formula:
    With 15 years, you get a minimum dating age of 14.5 years, only six months younger than you are.
    From 15 on, this difference adds six months per year, so when you are 16 the supposed dating age is 15 years and so on.
    So at least for.. let’s say for the beginning of dating this is all fine.
    I do agree, that a non-linear approximation may work better, if you get older, with a century for example you are hardly likely to get to date a 57 year old partner.

  2. Josh Grant Says:

    Hi I like the equation, But it works better like this:
    1/2 your age plus 7 for Men and twice your age minus 14 for Women?

  3. Danforth Says:

    This is an oft-repeated rule, but frankly I find it nonsensical.

    According to it, it’s creepy for a 28yo to date a 20yo, but not creepy for a 70yo to date a 42yo.
    The idea that your “dating gap” widens with age makes sense, but trying to express it as a single equation will always result in absurdity.

  4. Tommy Says:

    When I’m 100 I’d still like to date a 57yo… :p

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