Margaret is a colleague of mine. She is also a dear friend. I’ve been teaching with her for the past decade. Margaret has been teaching for 21 years (I think). She started taking coursework this year to become a school counselor. She has another year of school and was planning on taking a leave to do it. In the fall, Margaret’s husband applied for a sabbatical and it was granted. They will be living in Portugal for the next school year. Margaret’s counseling classes will be pushed off for a year while she has wonderful adventure in Braga.

I first heard of Margaret way back before she was a teacher. You see, she student taught with my dad. This was way back when I was in high school. My dad has always raved that she was the best student teacher he had over his entire career. She’s very creative and is a wonderful teacher. She connects with kids and has a natural ability. Her leaving the classroom is truly a loss to the profession.

This entire year, I’ve known that it would be Margaret’s last. But now that we only have 5 days to go, it’s really the end. Back when I first started teaching with her, I realized just how special she is. She is five years older than me and is a truly unique individual. After getting to know her, I decided that I wanted to be like Margaret. Because of her, I’ve done many things that I don’t know I would have done otherwise.

Margaret is always learning new things and taking classes of some sort. I’ve taken various cooking classes, drawing and wine classes. I went to my first wine tasting with Margaret. I’ve traveled with Margaret. Going anywhere for spring break is great, but it’s even better with Margaret. She always has cool ideas. Last summer we took a field trip together. She regularly has given me recipes to try. Over the last year I’ve been following her adventures with having chickens. There are actually lots of references to (or because of) Margaret in this blog. Two years ago, Margaret got married. I even tried the same dating service that worked so well for her. Clearly, that wasn’t the case for me, but hey… I tried it.

Margaret’s influence on me has been larger than she probably realizes. I go to her for advice about teaching, dating, food & wine, travel, books to read, you name it… I’m not quite sure what I’m going to do without her down the hall. It probably won’t really hit me until next fall when there’s someone else in her room.

Margaret will be missed more than she knows. She has a wonderful and exciting future and I for one will be watching to see what she does next. She is a truly amazing person that is gifted in so many ways. Margaret, I wish you the best! You have been a wonderful inspiration!

In the meantime, I’m planning a spring break trip to Portugal… 😉


3 Responses to “Margaret”

  1. kc Says:

    What a wonderful tribute. I was in Portugal for a day once. Very interesting and “old world.” For some reason I thought a lot about Cristobal Colon. Got lost on a back street with a dead end. Very scary.

  2. Ang Says:

    I to know Margaret and I can not agree more with the comments you have made about such a unique individual! It sure is hard to see your friends and colleagues move in a different direction in their life, but Margaret will truly be missed.

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    […] idea of these anchors when I noticed that my anchors were missing.  In my career, my anchors are Margaret, Kathleen and Joy.  Margaret is having a wonderful time in Portugal this year.  Kathleen had a […]

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