Big Problem

Today I had a funny problem. Well, to me it was funny…

In Pre Calc we were learning about partial fractions. During first hour, I used the overhead projector and realized that the entire problem did not fit on the screen. I finished it on the chalk board for them. The beauty of teaching two of the same classes is that I can learn from the first round and fix it for the second. So during second hour I did the entire problem on the chalk board.


In Algebra 1, you try to get them to be ok with doing problems that require a few steps. Geometry and Algebra 2 are continuing along those lines and they whine about longer problems but they still do them. By the time you get to Pre Calc, there’s still a little bit of whining by a few students, but there is something much more important happening. They’re developing that sense of accomplishment that you can get from a long math problem. All that work. Then you check your answer. And ultimately you have a private celebration where you pump your fist and mutter to yourself, “YES!”


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