According to Webster, a scar is a mark left after a wound, burn, etc. has healed.

This is my scar.  I’m only about a month into the healing process.  Will it always look like this?  Will it fade in time?  Should I do anything to help it fade?  Do I want to?

I have some interesting thoughts running through my head.  In a way, I don’t want to erase it.  It’s a reminder of my melanoma scare.  Hmm…  maybe there’s a reason why scar is just scare without the e…

My scar is a constant reminder that sun exposure, for me, is dangerous.  It’s part of my story.  But my cancer story is extremely mild compared to so many others.  Mine is so mild that I hesitate to even use the word cancer.

But the fact that I now have this scar got me thinking about the kind of scars that you can’t see.  I’d much rather have this one.

I think about the students that I’ve had.  Some are homeless.  Some are victims of abuse.  Some are even taken out of their homes and brought to shelters.  Many suffer emotional abuse that we haven’t yet figured out how to identify and help them.  It’s much more obvious when a child is physically abused.  But how do you really know if emotional abuse is happening?  How do you even verify it?  The sad reality is that many more of our students probably fall into this category.

So what do I do as an educator?  I provide a safe environment.  I try to make a personal connection with each of them.  I find out something special about each student.  I compliment.  I encourage.  I offer help when I can.  I listen.

I may have this 2 inch scar on my back.  But it’s a physical scar.  It will heal with time.  Given the choice between this physical scar and an emotional one, I’ll pick the physical one.  Hands down.


One Response to “Scars”

  1. dkzody Says:

    One of my students has been removed from her home due to her father beating her. She has gotten help from the Mormon church that is right across the street from the school. We have another church at the end of the block where the kids go to fight.

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