Dream Job

If anyone were to ask me what my dream job would be, I’d say that I’d love to be a travel photographer.  I started traveling internationally when I was 17 years old.  Every since, I’ve been hooked on travel.  I love to explore other cultures, see how others live and just learn, learn, learn.

I usually try to flee the country every summer for someplace new and interesting.  Several years ago, I used to do it with students and I got to travel for “free.”  Free is a relative term in this case…  It’s one helluva lot of work to travel with teenagers!  My travels have brought me to every continent except Antarctica.  Antarctica is not making it onto my list of places to go, but I wouldn’t turn it down if someone else wanted to pay for it.  😉

This past summer I went to Tanzania.  In November there is a Fall event and there is a photo contest.  It’s only $15 to enter the contest and I know it’s going toward a good cause.  So here are my five photos…

I saw these two off in the distance while we were at the main church in Irindi. (I had uploaded this to flickr a while back, I did crop out the head in the lower right for the contest.)


This is a Masai woman. I have no idea of her age. I just think she’s beautiful.


Whenever we would come or go, we were always greeted with song and cheerful waves hello or goodbye. These are many of the children of Irindi who sang and danced and played with us.


We had a wonderful interpreter. He is a retired pastor. He is the interpreter for many groups from my area, so even though the picture isn’t the best I’ve taken, the subject is the reason for the entry. This is the “Kiponda look.”


There were five of us traveling together. Three were in the same family. This is one of my favorite photos that I took of them in Zanzibar.


The contest isn’t until November 7th. It would be cool if I won or placed. But what I really want to do was share these wonderful images from Tanzania.


3 Responses to “Dream Job”

  1. Sharkey Says:

    Great photos! I especially like the “Kiponda look.”

  2. certainabsurdity Says:

    I actually have the “Kiponda look” in a 12x16in poster to put in my classroom. I haven’t figured out exactly how I’m going to put it up yet.

  3. And the Winner is… « Certain Absurdity Says:

    […] while back I wrote (here) about entering a photo contest with photos from my Tanzania trip. Guess what? I tied for 1st […]

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