My two cents

President Obama is going to make a speech on the first day of school.  Apparently he’s going to encourage the nation’s youth to do well and succeed in school.  This message is not political.  It’s common sense.  It needs to happen.

I just spent 3 weeks in a country where they actually value education.  They know that the only way they are going to get ahead is through education.  Teachers are respected.  Students aren’t misbehaving.  I saw no evidence of ADD or ADHD.  At Image Secondary School, I saw what the mathematics teacher was teaching.  CALCULUS – integrals with trigonometric functions. I was extremely impressed with what they were doing, especially with so few resources.  And you can bet those kids really know their stuff – they don’t have calculators readily available.

What was the debate team working on?  “Science and Technology have brought more harm than good to third world countries.”  I would have loved to hear that debate.

It is a privilege to go to secondary school in Tanzania.  It’s a boarding school situation, so the students have to be very responsible for themselves.  They have dorm rooms, they do their own laundry, they study, study, study.  They take their education seriously.

So if President Obama wants to encourage our students in the US, I see absolutely NO problem with that.  I’ll be tuning in.


3 Responses to “My two cents”

  1. dkzody Says:

    Yeah, I can’t figure out all the hulabaloo…I don’t have a class at the time he is speaking, but if I did, we’d be watching.

  2. certainabsurdity Says:

    Me too. I’m on prep at the time of the speech. I’m sure I’ll catch it somewhere in the building.

  3. Kimberly Colbert Says:

    Here’s a comment posted on the NEA FB page: “We have been instructed by the Admin. to show the Pres. address in all classes 2nd-12th.” What a powerful message to send to teachers, students and the community.

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