Songs in my head


Originally uploaded by certainabsurdity

Excuse my lack of expertise about posting video. I took several short videos in Tanzania. I wish I would have taken more.

Because I like to travel light, I purposely did NOT take my iPod. There is just way too much happening to be tuned out and in your own world. Having an iPod would have just seemed stupid. When you drive up to a place and they start singing, why on earth would you want to listen to anything else?!?

Take a listen…


One Response to “Songs in my head”

  1. dkzody Says:

    My friend who returned from Nigeria about the same time you came back has always talked about the singing and dancing there too. Many of those in our church have traveled to Nigeria, always coming home to talk about the singing and dancing and acting like we should do the same in our worship services. I always think to myself, we don’t go to Africa and tell these citizens to act like Americans; why should we act like Africans?

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