Tanzania Bound

I’m in the process of getting ready for this summer’s big adventure.  I’ve had round two of my shots.  I’ve gotten some special clothing.  And I’ve started to assemble the minimal amount of stuff I’m taking along.

I haven’t said much about what I’ll be doing and where I’ll be going up until this point.  I’m going with four other people from my church.  There is a companion parish that we sponsor in Irindi and we like to send a group to visit every few years.  Every year, our congregation sponsors students at the Image Secondary School.  We will be visiting Image as well as Tumaini University.  A few years ago, Sunday school students raised money to buy goats for some Maasai people.  Hopefully we’ll be able to go to the Maasai preaching point and see the goats.  We’ll also see other preaching points and have fellowship with the church members.

I’m traveling with two women that teach at a local University.  They teach Nursing and Occupational Therapy.  So because of their interests we will also be visiting Ilula Health Center and some medical dispensaries in Tungamalenga and Mbuyuni.  There is also Neema Crafts in Iringa, where people with disabilities make various art and crafts.  The link is very cool.  Much better than any explanation I can give.  We will be going to the Isimila Stone Age Site as well as sampling life in Iringa.

After Iringa, we are heading to Ruaha National Park.  There are a few cool informational videos on the link.  It’s in central Tanzania.  We’re staying at Mwagusi Safari Lodge.  This will be the most upscale accommodation on the entire trip.  But if you’re going to Africa, you better do some sort of safari!

After the safari, we go back to Iringa for a night and then we’ll travel back to Dar es Saalam.  We’ll spend a night in Dar and see what there is to see there before taking a short flight to Zanzibar.

So at the end of the trip, we’re going to get a little beach time.  When I found out where we were staying in Zanzibar, I thought to myself, “Hmm… could we stay here the whole time?”  There seems to be a lot to do on that island.  We’ll be staying at a guest house near the northern tip of the island.  On their site, it lists lots of activities to do while you are there.  I want to do the Spice tour and check out Stone Town.  Checking out the sea turtles and monkeys looks cool too.  Heck!  I want to do it all.  And I’m for sure coming back with a henna tattoo.  I won’t do the real thing, but henna should be fun.

I hadn’t actually looked up many of these places online until writing this post.  I must say, it’s making me even more excited to go.


One Response to “Tanzania Bound”

  1. dkzody Says:

    While you are in Tanzania, three women from my church will be across the country from you in Nigeria. They will be there six weeks working in an aids clinic that our church sponsors.

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