What day is it?


I must be relaxed because I completely forgot that it was Wednesday and I needed to put out the trash. It’s a good thing that I hardly had any, because it was already picked up by the time I rolled out of bed.

I’m to the point in the summer where I have relaxed enough and can be productive. So this morning I went for a run and then to the Farmer’s Market. This particular Farmer’s market is held in the parking lot of the facility where we hold graduation. I haven’t been back there since June 1st. This is a nice and relaxed reason to go there, in comparison.


3 Responses to “What day is it?”

  1. dkzody Says:

    I got my CSA boxes yesterday (in the summer I get a stonefruit box too) and there were zucinni squash. I gave them to my neighbor. That’s two weeks in a row that zucinni have come. Too much. So, you like kohlrabi? How do you fix it?

  2. certainabsurdity Says:

    I just like to cut up the kohlrabi and eat it plain. The rhubarb is for jam. And I haven’t had any zucinni squash yet this summer. I just couldn’t resist the flowers for $4. I’m feeling so healthy with this stuff. 😉

  3. dkzody Says:

    Minnesota rhubarb sure is skinnier than what we get out here. Ours is huge in comparison to what you have in your picture.

    I tried kohlrabi once, dicing it, parboiling, and serving with butter and a white cheese. I was not impressed. too much work for what I got. None of my neighbors or friends want it either so when it comes in the CSA box, I just toss it out. We usually only get it once, and it’s a winter vegetable here. If only you lived closer…

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