For two months this year I’ve been taking classes.  During the months of February and April, I’ve been busy every Monday night.  Tomorrow, I don’t have class.  I’m kind of bummed.  It was a great way to start the week.  The classes I’ve been taking are about wine.  In February I took, “The Geography of Wine.”  In April, I took “Wines of the Iberian Peninsula.”

The classes have been through the local University and I’ve taken them with friends.  I’ve taken some wine classes before, but they’ve been just singletons here and there.  This has been different.  It’s a whole new way of enjoying wine.

Our homework has usually been to find a bottle of wine, look up where it was made and find out about the area while drinking it.  I’ll admit that I’ve been taking my homework to heart.  You should try it sometime.  Go to a local wine shop.  Try one that isn’t a big company.  Don’t be afraid to ask the people working there.  They are your best resource.  They’ve already been a filter for what is available at their shop.  Get a bottle of wine.  Go to and find some pictures of the area where your wine is from.  Look at the lovely origins of your wine and enjoy.  Doesn’t that sound like nice homework?

I don’t have wine class tomorrow.  Last week we learned about Port.  The week before was about Sherry.  We’ve tasted wines from Rueda and the Duero and the Rioja region.  It makes me want to go to Spain and Portugal.

I love taking classes.  I can hardly wait until the next opportunity for another.  I think I’d be happy if I could take classes forever.  If only my students had the same love for learning that I have…


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