To Plow or Not to Plow

Speaking of “Safety at Work,” we had a new one this week…

On Thursday we got 6 – 7 inches of snow.  It came down in a hurry, starting around 1pm.  By the time I left school only about an hour and a half  later, there seemed to be about 4 inches on my car and on the ground.  All after school activities were canceled and everyone was told to go home.

I don’t know exactly what the contract is for plowing snow in the parking lot and driveways around the school.   But I was surprised to come to school on Friday morning to 7 inches of snow in the lot that was NOT plowed.

It’s one thing for us teachers to drive in this stuff.  But we also have many novice drivers (students) that have yet to really learn how to get around in snow.

On Friday, there was a teacher that got hit in front of school.  I’m not talking about her car getting hit.  SHE got hit.  Apparently a student was trying to get un-stuck and gunned his engine.  He wasn’t paying enough attention to realize that she was there.  I’m not exactly sure what happened, but I think she may have even ended up on the hood of the car.

The teacher is ok.  She felt fine after it had happened and stayed at work.  I mentioned to another teacher at lunch that the teacher really needed to go to the doctor because this was the ultimate worker compensation situation.  (This message did get to the injured teacher by the end of the day.  She was starting to stiffen up and felt it in her lower back.)

Even though it is on the verge of spring and we sometimes have temperatures that will melt the snow rather quickly, the choice of not plowing could have some major consequences.   Even though we all face major budget shortfalls, we still need to be safe at work.


One Response to “To Plow or Not to Plow”

  1. dkzody Says:

    I never thought about what the schools do around the premises when it snows. We have some flooded parking lots if we get a lot of rain, but snow, never.

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