Quiet Day

It’s a quiet day today.  Literally.  During my yoga class I could feel it coming on.  When I woke up on Thursday my voice was half gone.  On Friday it was mostly gone.  I tried not to talk much.  I gave a test in my Algebra 1 class and my other two were doing a lab, so I didn’t have to do much teaching.  I had a student stay after for help on Friday afternoon.  I’m sure it was kind of odd to be whispering directions. But I think it had a calming affect on this particular student.

So now it’s Saturday of a three day weekend.  Thank God!  I don’t have to speak for 3 full days!  Hopefully if I just take it easy I’ll be back to normal sooner than later.  Maybe I’ll actually have time to blog.  😉


One Response to “Quiet Day”

  1. dkzody Says:

    You can’t talk, I can’t hear. We would make a fine team.

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