It’s a small world after all.

I will admit that I am a Facebook user.  At first I got on it so I could keep in touch with people I’ve met on my travels.  I have friends in London, Japan, New Zealand, etc.  My list of friends started off pretty small.  After awhile, my brother and sister climbed on board as well as several of my cousins.  A few of my colleagues at school are on it and friends from past jobs.  What I find most interesting is when former students find me.

I am not friends with any current students.  That’s a line I’m just not going to cross.  But I have had some find me that go back quite a ways.  It is fun to reconnect and find out that they’ve turned into responsible adults that are doing well.

One of my former students just started student teaching two weeks ago.  I saw her last fall when she invited me to the alumni volleyball game.  It was great to see her after several years and catch up.  Recently I’ve been talking with her via Facebook to find out about the student teaching.

In a past life – prior to teaching, I worked at a payroll company.  Some of my friends from that job are on Facebook.  To make a long story short, I just figured out that one of my friends from that job has a daughter that is in the class of my former student.  Am I old enough for this to happen?  Apparently.

I think my former student will make a great teacher.  It’s just kind of fun to think that one of my other friends will get to witness it and enjoy it with her daughter.


2 Responses to “It’s a small world after all.”

  1. dkzody Says:

    One of our Academy graduates is now teaching at our school. She came back as a long term sub for our department last year, even though it wasn’t in her credentialed area, she at least had a credential. This year another long term sub position came open, in another department where she was not credentialed, but this time she put her foot down and said she would only take the job if they gave her a contract (egged on by me). The district came through and is even paying for her to take classes to get an add-on so she can legally teach the class after one year on emergency. It’s nice to see her in the hall every day.

  2. Sharkey Says:

    That’s cool that your former student will be teaching R’s daughter.

    I got an FB friend request from a former co-worker at my current job. He’s okay, but a little odd. We never knew each other well, and I never could quite figure him out. I feel guilty, but I’m ignoring his request. Some people just don’t need to know what my FB status is, ya know?

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