Perks of Diversity

At my school, I’m a minority.  I just did a quick count and I only have 15 kids that you would consider “white.”  That’s about 21% of my students and I think that is about right for the school population.

It’s cool to say that most of the kids in my school speak more than one language.  I also learn a ton from them about their cultures.  It makes for a fun and interesting teaching environment.  You also can have some rare opportunities that I’m sure my colleagues in the burbs do not get.

On Friday, a student that I had 1st quarter was trying to find me.  Since I travel and teach in another room 4th hour, he really had to ask around to find me.  He gave me an envelope.  I thought it was a Christmas card and opened it when I got home.  It’s way cooler than a Christmas card.

I’ve been invited to a New Year Celebration for the Karen people in the community.  The Karen people are from Burma and western Thailand.  The city in which I live is known for taking in various refugee groups.  The Karen people are one of the newer ones.   There will be a culture show with traditional music and dance and “Karen women will serve you with healthy, spicy and yummy traditional Karen food.”  To top that all off, there will be some guest speakers including one of our state Senators.  I’m so excited!

As a person that is not Karen, I feel very privileged to have been invited to this celebration.  Whenever I’m invited to an event that is outside of school that helps me see into the lives of my students, it’s an honor.

The celebration in on December 27th.  You’ll have to check back later to read all about it.


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