“You’ll never be left alone.”

There was an assembly for academic letter winners today during my Pre Calculus class.  I had several students that had earned academic letters and were invited to the ceremony.  So at 1 o’clock they were excused to leave and there were still quite a few of us left.  One student looked back and saw that another student sitting by herself at a table.

Student: Aww look.  You’re all by yourself.  You wanna move up? (said half-jokingly)

Solo Student: No! (said with slight disdain)

Student:  Hey- NCLB.  You’ll never be left alone.

All I could do was laugh.  It’s not often (ok… pretty much never) when a student refers to a specific law like that.

For all you non-teacher people…  NCLB = No Child Left Behind.


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