The mist

I’m so impressed with myself.  On my route to avoid rush hour traffic I was going by our district offices.  I know that during last week and this week, they’re doing flu shots from 4 – 6pm on certain days.  I was planning on making a special trip on Friday, since it would fit into my schedule.  But as I was driving by, I had the bright idea to see if today was one of the days.  Jackpot!

As I followed the sign for the flu shots, I had the thought running through my mind: I wonder if I can get my sleeve all the way up my arm for the shot? I filled out the paperwork and then found out that I could get the shot or the nasal mist.  Problem solved!  Since I am under 49 years of age, I was able to get the mist.  Everyone else was getting the shot.  So someone sticks something up your nose… BIG DEAL.  It’s barely in your nose and you just breathe like normal.  I won’t have a sore arm and I don’t have any throat irritation either.  Since I don’t live with someone whose immune system is compromised, I don’t have to worry about sneezing the virus out…  Apparently that’s the joke about what could happen if you get the mist.

So for anyone out there wondering about the flu mist, I’d recommend it.  It was super easy and painless.


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