Homecoming Week

It’s over. Woo hoo! Homecoming week is always interesting. It’s very different than what I remember as a teenager in high school. We have spirit days all week. The amount of participation varies on the day.

Monday was “Not Your Style” day. The participation level was pretty low. Some girls dressed in boys clothing and vice versa. Tuesday was class color day.

Class color day is the one that gets the most involved. Seniors – maroon, Juniors – blue, Sophomores – orange, and Freshmen – green. The most interesting part is reading what they wrote on their shirts. They use glitter paint (or whatever works) to declare their class and superiority. Sassy Seniors – the last of the greatest. The Juniors had a variety of things on their shirts. Juicy Juniors. Ummm… Ick. I prefer the one that I saw that said Jaw Dropping Juniors. What did the sophomores come up with? Sexy Sophomores. I had one in my Pre Calc class that wouldn’t ever say that and her shirt said Superior Sophomores. The Freshmen were doing well to have green shirts with 2012 on them.

Wednesday was crazy sock and tie day. There was more participation than I thought there would be. Thursday was Hawaiian Day. And Friday was dress up day.

We have dress up day on the same day as coronation. Dressing up is a relative term. I actually did it this year. It was supposed to be 84 degrees and I figured it would be cooler in a skirt than pants.

Coronation had to be in the auditorium this year. The gym was being painted, so we had to have the change of location. The ceremony went well. It’s always interesting to see the antics of the candidates to try to get more cheers or some sort of reaction from the crowd. They always look nice. Some have more interesting selections. I didn’t really care to know that one of the girls has a lower back tattoo. TMI.

So here I sit on a Saturday, in my comfy chair, glad the Homecoming week is over.


One Response to “Homecoming Week”

  1. dkzody Says:

    Our king and queen are announced at the halftime activities at the game. Sadly, our team lost last night.

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