Coolness Factor

We’ve been back at school for a week now. My classes are good. I have no complaints.

This is the time of the year where you’re getting to know all of their names and what makes each of them unique. Some of them seem to test you to check out your coolness factor. I have one that’s trying to get me to talk like him.

Him: How it be crackin’ Ms B?

Me: Just fine, fam.

Today I had one come up with a special handshake to do with me. It’s actually a “fist bump” and as your hand moves away, after the bump, you point your index and middle fingers downward and move them back and forth like legs walking away. So just when the adults start doing the fist bump, leave it to teenagers to put a new spin on it.


3 Responses to “Coolness Factor”

  1. Mr. K Says:

    That’s one thing I’ll always let them win on – they need some way to establish their identity, and me trying to emulate them would just come off as sad.

    Besides which, I think that secretly they appreciate my punk rock past a lot more than they would me trying to keep up with whatever the latest version of the souljah boy dance might be.

  2. samjshah Says:

    Um, I’ve never seen that version of the fist bump. But I can see what it looks like, and I think I love it.


  3. certainabsurdity Says:

    Today the student had forgotten our special fist bump and I had to remind him.

    The thing about participating in this stuff, is that it shows them that I can laugh at myself and don’t take myself too seriously. Plus, they get to teach me a thing or two.

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