Sometimes strangers can make your day

I’m a regular at Barnes & Noble.  My treat to myself is to go there on Sundays after church and look at travel books or whatever happens to be on my mind each week.  As a regular, you tend to see the same people.  The cafe workers know that I get a shot of toffee nut in my au lait.  They also know that seasonally, I’ll get the pumpkin shot (like I did today).  There are also regular customers.  There’s the guy that always reads the paper, who seems to be there any other day that I happen to visit.  There’s the guy that seems to always looks like he wants to talk to me, but is probably rather shy and is a bit older.  Often, there’s a noisy group from a local church that comes in while their kids are at Sunday School.  Various students are there studying, a family that has a tutor meet them for their sons, the couple that always checks out what travel books I’m looking at and asks where I’m going next, and the list goes on.

Today I had set my coffee down and went to the travel section.  There was a man who was heading in the same path that I was.  I didn’t recognize him as a regular, but maybe he was.

Excuse me.  I don’t want this to sound untoward.  But can I ask you a question?


Have you cut your hair recently?

I nodded and said “yes.”

It’s a very flattering cut on you.

Thank you. As he walks away I say, “I think you just made my day.”

Definitely a nice start to my day.  🙂


2 Responses to “Sometimes strangers can make your day”

  1. Sharkey Says:

    Was he cute?! 😛

    I see you got your blogroll back–glad you didn’t wait for me.

  2. certainabsurdity Says:

    He was probably in his mid-fifties.

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