Ridin’ the Roller Coaster

Today was the first day back for teachers. I wouldn’t say I was super duper excited to get back, but I wasn’t dreading it. After going to the workshop last week and getting my new MacBook, I was pretty excited. I was thinking about how I could use my new found knowledge in teaching Trig and Pre Calc. So all in all, I would say that I had a good attitude and was pretty upbeat.

Is cheerful really that hard to do on day one? We all know that we have a tough road ahead. Our kids are coming in less prepared every year. We’re newly designated title 1. Enrollment is down. The microscope under which we all work, is turned up. I needed a little inspiration today. I needed a little, “The road ahead will be tough, but we can do it” kind of talk. Did it happen? Nope.

We did have a guy talk to us about making AYP (Adequate Yearly Progress). We did in reading the last two years, which is great. Math is another story. And as a Math teacher, you can’t help but feel like you have a bulls-eye on your head. Some college could probably write a semester long course about how to understand the NCLB law and how everything works. In order to understand how they calculate AYP, AYP-Safe Harbor 1, AYP-Safe Harbor 2, etc. I think you need to be a statistician. The man who coined the phrase “fuzzy math” sure had his peeps figure out some math that’s way beyond the average bear.

So I’m ridin’ the roller coaster of emotions. I was up, then I was down. I got on my treadmill and ran off some stress to get part way up the hill again. I’m tired of people telling me the problem and not offering any solutions. It’s my nature to problem solve. I don’t want to hear the down side. I already know it. Give me something to keep my hopes up and help me to try to fix the problem. I operate much better under those conditions. Maybe the district Math meeting will give me some hope on Wednesday. If not hope, at least some ideas of how to work in this situation.


3 Responses to “Ridin’ the Roller Coaster”

  1. dkzody Says:

    Do you have a whole week of inservice? Yikes, that alone is a downer. We only have two mandatory days, the third day is at our own pleasure, we can do it now or do it later.

    It’s a hard job, but someone has to do it.

  2. Mr. K Says:

    Is cheerful really that hard to do on day one

    I try to make a point of being cheerful – day one, day 120, and day 175 (day 180 seems to be a gimme). In part it’s to keep my own attitude in check, and in part it’s a big middle finger to the people who show up grumpy.

    The only way my current school is ever going to make AYP is if they can the whole thing. It’s been under fire from when they started this whole thing, and hasn’t gotten better.

    The nice thing about that is that the bullseye just feels like part of the scenery.

  3. certainabsurdity Says:

    We’ve always had a week of inservice. There’s always a lot to do and various activities. I like having the week to get a lot done.

    I really look forward to when the kids come. Focusing on them is what makes this job fun. That is the point when I forget about the bullseye on my head.

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