Too Late?

I went to my favorite big box store today. I had my list. When I arrived, I remembered that I was going to check out their school supplies. I can’t resist buying my share of paper, pencils, pens, markers, etc.

It’s only August 19th. School doesn’t start until September 2nd.

They were out of pencils.

Pencils are the one school supply that I really need. I’ve got enough scratch paper from over the years to deal with kids that don’t have paper. But pencils? How can you do math without a pencil? I always get a few boxes of pencils so I have enough for the entire year. The pencils seem to walk away pretty easily. But then again, I don’t really worry about it. If I can furnish them with a 2 cent pencil, it’s fine by me.

So… now I’ll have to go other places to find my pencils in bulk. It will be kind of a pain, but I’ll do it. I just wish they weren’t so gung ho on selling school supplies so far before school starts. Or at least look at a calendar of when the local schools start.


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