Do you remember your high school crush? I do. He was a year older than me. Every time I saw him in the hallway there was a chemical reaction in my body that made my heart race and I got that tingly feeling all over. I wonder if that only happens when you’re a teenager and your hormones are doing the 100m dash?  An actual physical reaction to the sight of a guy. Hmm…

Of course, being the shy nerd that I was, I never actually talked to him. There was a bit of excitement because he was on the soccer team and my brother was friends with him. He wasn’t a high-level friend of my brother, but I do remember him coming to the house once. I was presumably freaked out that he was in the basement with my bro.

He comes from a Mormon family, so there were six kids. One in my brother’s grade, the crush, one in my grade, then two girls, (one my sister’s age) and lastly, another boy. Somehow this friendship with my brother helped land the crush a job at a local TV store, delivering TVs. When I was sixteen and had my driver’s license, I would drive by RPTV and see if I could catch a glimpse of the crush. Now that I’m older, and wiser, I think that I was probably a stalker… Yes, I do learn from my mistakes as a wayward teen…

The funny thing is that I have my 20 year reunion coming up in August. My best friend from high school has stayed in touch with the crush’s brother. From what I had heard, the crush had gone to college, had a brief career with a professional soccer team and went to law school. The latest thing that my friend told me is that the crush was modeling for good ‘ol REI.

REI is one of my favorite stores. I’m a member. I have the REI visa. I get their mailings. So as I was looking through the latest ad that came in today’s mail, who should I see? The crush. He’s the one on the right. As all men, 20 years beyond high school, he’s filled out a bit, but it’s him. I’m not all tingly or anything. But it is kind of weird.

REI ad


3 Responses to “Crush”

  1. dkzody Says:

    So, you never know…Rei may just be the catalyst to bring you together at the reunion! I remember how you were looking for someone special, maybe you’ve been looking in the wrong “catalogs.”

  2. certainabsurdity Says:

    Actually, it’s his younger brother that will be at the reunion. I think the catalog boy is nearly engaged. My source says that he’s picking out a ring these days… It’s just funny to see him in a catalog, of all places.

  3. Mark Says:

    No, guys get the same physical reaction.

    That is an odd place to see him. Bump into him (catalog or otherwise) since your post?

    My crush (it’s been 28 years) caused me to lose complete function of my brain. I never talked to her, once, during high school. That is one huge regret I have. I found her on Facebook, but am not sure at this point whether it would be a good thing to say hi.

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