I just returned from Greece last night. I’ll be writing about the trip and various observations in the next few weeks. But for now, here’s a preview:

Greece Mosaic 1


Looking for the Gods

I’m off on another travel adventure. I’m using a photo I found on flickr to show where I’ll be. I don’t know if/when I’ll be able to post in the next few weeks. But rest assured, once I get back I’m sure I’ll have plenty to say and lots of pictures.

A picture mosaic that describes ME

Dkzody had done an assignment from Melissa – The Scholastic Scribe and it looked really cool. I took up the challenge and had fun doing it.


Your questions, my answers;

  • What is your first name? Lori
  • What is your favorite food? Chips and Salsa
  • What high school did you go to? Roseville
  • What is your favorite color? Red – this picture came up on the search and I liked it.
  • Who is your celebrity crush? Hugh Jackman
  • Favorite drink? Wine
  • Dream vacation? Greek Islands
  • Favorite dessert? Some kind of Chocolate Torte
  • What you want to be when you grow up? Inspired
  • What do you love most in life? Family
  • One Word to describe you. Optimistic
  • Your (blog) name. Certain Absurdity

Your assignment, Should You Choose to Accept It:

* Type your answer to each of the questions below into Flickr Search.
* Using only the first page, pick an image.
* Copy and paste each of the URLs for the images into this mosaic maker. Follow the instructions, and presto! You have a synopsis of Who. You. Are.

And, if you Create a Cool Mosaic, please let me know. PS: I’d also appreciate a shout-out & a link-back on your blog. This was fun, thanks Melissa and DeLaine!

1. dozy lori man … sorry for waking you up!, 2. homemade fresh tomato salsa & guacomole, 3. Roseville Sunset, 4. So long, 5. OUT17292479, 6. Acquarello, 7. Santorini, 8. Chocolate truffle torte, 9. ~ Light ~, 10. GET ME TO THE WILDERNESS…, 11. Optimistic Pencil, 12. Snow Shoes

Up North


During the summer there is a mass exodus every weekend as people head up north. The weekend of the 4th of July is no exception. Even though there are over 10,000 lakes, everyone seems to have a particular one in mind. There is a particular lingo that goes with it too.

We all go to the lake not a lake. We talk of the lake as if it is our own. We all have a different experience when we go up north. Some go to what could only be called a second home. Some go camping in tents. Some are in a trailer or RV of some type. Some go to a cabin.

The amenities at each are as variable as the 10,000 X places on those lakes. Some have the bare necessities. Some are luxurious. And there is everything in between. They usually all have a few things in common. There is water nearby and there are plenty of these:

dead one

This one is dead. Fortunately, they move fairly slowly so you can slap yourself silly and be quite effective. Of course, there are lots of other bugs besides mosquitoes. They’re a little harder to photograph…

My particular experience involves a cabin. We’ve been going to the lake for almost thirty years. We started out tenting it. Then we graduated to a camper. My dad then built a cabin. Throughout the years various amenities have been added – a wood burning stove, insulation, electricity, running water, and the list goes on. For a long time we didn’t have running water. This discouraged the not so serious camping folk. You can get cell service there. But there is no phone, no television, no wi-fi.

The lack of high tech entertainment allows for good conversation, good food, lots of time outside and the ability to catch up on all of that reading you haven’t had time to do or have been too distracted.


And of course, you can’t help but have a few of these:


You can’t have just one s’more. It’s impossible.


Do you remember your high school crush? I do. He was a year older than me. Every time I saw him in the hallway there was a chemical reaction in my body that made my heart race and I got that tingly feeling all over. I wonder if that only happens when you’re a teenager and your hormones are doing the 100m dash?  An actual physical reaction to the sight of a guy. Hmm…

Of course, being the shy nerd that I was, I never actually talked to him. There was a bit of excitement because he was on the soccer team and my brother was friends with him. He wasn’t a high-level friend of my brother, but I do remember him coming to the house once. I was presumably freaked out that he was in the basement with my bro.

He comes from a Mormon family, so there were six kids. One in my brother’s grade, the crush, one in my grade, then two girls, (one my sister’s age) and lastly, another boy. Somehow this friendship with my brother helped land the crush a job at a local TV store, delivering TVs. When I was sixteen and had my driver’s license, I would drive by RPTV and see if I could catch a glimpse of the crush. Now that I’m older, and wiser, I think that I was probably a stalker… Yes, I do learn from my mistakes as a wayward teen…

The funny thing is that I have my 20 year reunion coming up in August. My best friend from high school has stayed in touch with the crush’s brother. From what I had heard, the crush had gone to college, had a brief career with a professional soccer team and went to law school. The latest thing that my friend told me is that the crush was modeling for good ‘ol REI.

REI is one of my favorite stores. I’m a member. I have the REI visa. I get their mailings. So as I was looking through the latest ad that came in today’s mail, who should I see? The crush. He’s the one on the right. As all men, 20 years beyond high school, he’s filled out a bit, but it’s him. I’m not all tingly or anything. But it is kind of weird.

REI ad