Summer Solstice


One perk to going to a wedding “in town” is often, you get to walk away with a centerpiece. Yesterday, was one of those occasions. This one actually came from the table with the place cards. The centerpieces were actual plants in pots that you could could take with you. By the time I decided to scout around for one, there was only wheat grass left. A lot of the plants in the pots were edible. Now the trick for this one was getting it home? How was I going to have it in my car where it wouldn’t tip over? I went to this wedding solo (as usual). While walking to my car, I was thinking that the cup holder might be an option. Nope. I had to drive with it on my lap, in front of the steering wheel. I’m trying to think of a way to say that I had to hold it between my legs that doesn’t sound sketchy… But you get the idea (keep your mind in the innocent zone). It’s a good thing it was a small bouquet.

The thing that was so enjoyable about this wedding is that it didn’t have all of the usual excess that typical weddings have these days. The couple was in their 40s. Both of them are getting married for the first time. There were no matching bridesmaids. Just a friend standing up for each of them. We had unique, and very good food. We had to come up with a limerick to get them to smooch (quite a creative group). They weren’t registered. Instead you could donate to a favorite charity.

I’ve enjoyed every wedding I’ve been to. They are all different and unique in their own way. But what I liked about this one is that they didn’t cave to the wedding industry and did it their way.


One Response to “Summer Solstice”

  1. dkzody Says:

    How nice that it was “in town.” Seems like nowadays many weddings are “destination weddings,” and it takes some effort to get to them. I haven’t been to a church wedding in years.

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