Family Events


My cousin got married yesterday. The nice thing about family weddings is that you know a good majority of the people there. Some people may say that’s a drawback. But I suppose it depends on your fam.

My fam is actually pretty cool. There are several of us that live in town. When we get together, I think I can say that we genuinely enjoy each others’ company. These are people that I’d choose to hang out with, even if we weren’t related.

Of the cousins, seven out of the eleven were there. The other four live quite far away and my sister has the great excuse of just having a baby about a week ago (besides living far away). We range in age from 25 to 40. We always got along well as kids. But it’s quite fun now that we’re adults. We all turned out. Nobody is a complete screw up. There is no black sheep in the family that you shouldn’t talk about. We’re responsible adults that range from doctors, lawyers, teachers, a CPA, a chef, engineers and a few that I’m not sure how to describe.

My grandparents died a few decades ago. But they raised their family on a farm in North Dakota. They always had the expectation that their kids would get an education and go out into the world and do something to make a difference. As long as you left the world a better place, you were doing what you were supposed to. Their kids, in turn, had the same expectations for their kids. And the cycle continues. It is pretty cool when you think about it.


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