Man Candy

The dating service called me today. It was the “director.” She’s the one that is actually picking out the dudes for me.

Matchmaker Lady: I just wanted to follow up with you after your last match. I’m sorry that Mike wasn’t a fit for you. But I want you to know that we’ve gotten really good feedback on you. So whatever it is you’re doing, whether it’s meeting people on your own or through us, keep it up. I’m actually calling because we’ve been interviewing some great prospects and I’ve thought of you on several occasions. I really want you to meet someone that you can spend your life with. As a director I can give you a special offer on another year with our service. Can I tell you about these matches?

Me: Uh… Sure…

I wait on hold and tell myself that I’m NOT going to do this no matter what these guys sound like. She comes back and proceeds to tell me about three men that sound better than any of the ones they’ve set me up with in months! Here it is… this man candy, being dangled in front of my face. If it weren’t such a huge sum of money, I might entertain the idea. But it’s just too much to fork out after twenty dates and only three being close to the target. There are way too many strike outs for me to be very confident in their abilities to find a match for me.

I told the matchmaker lady that at this point I needed a break. And with the way the economy is and the fact that I won’t be seeing a paycheck for a few months, now is not the time for me to continue. I had already concluded that I was going to try it on my own for awhile and try to meet people the “normal” way. Being alone is not as dire as they make it sound. I suppose for some it might be miserable. Bummer for them…


One Response to “Man Candy”

  1. Dr Mike Says:

    One service called me to join and when I told thm I wasn’t interested, she ( of course she, why would a dude call? That would be weird!) asked “Why?”. I told her I was quite happy being single (two divorces will do that to a guy), there was a long pause,after which she replied “I’ve never heard that before!” Well, I would suggest she talk to any of a number of my friends who truly enjoy being single. It is not the plague that married people would have us all believe. i believe Woody Allen said it best: “Marriage is an institution. Not everyone needs to be institutionalized.”

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