Must Like Dogs?

Apparently #20 A is not available anymore. I was wondering what was going on since I hadn’t heard from the service about when to meet #20. They called with the news and then proceeded to tell me about the new dude. (They tell me info about my new “match.” I know better and refer to him as just a dude.)

I think they just want to get rid of me. I bet they feel that way with a lot of people that they don’t have any luck with. I say luck because that’s what I think it is. Frankly, #20A sounds better than replacement #20B. #20B is 36, 5’10”, brown eyes, black hair, divorced, no kids, works in Real Estate, has the usual similar interests and has two dogs. When some people hear this they say in that cutesy way, “Oh, he has dogs!” Then they proceed to tell me of all of the qualities that you can extract because he’s a dog owner.

I think I was bit by a dog when I was little. Or at least I had some dog scare me real good. I’m just not a dog person. I have some friends and family with dogs. The dogs I know, I like. The ones that jump on you and smell your crotch? Not so much. So you know how people classify themselves as a dog person or a cat person? Since I’m used to cats, I consider myself a cat person. I don’t know if I would become a dog person. It probably would depend on the dog. Now, this one looks pretty darned cute.

buddy by sharkey

Sharkey takes some pretty awesome photos. She takes photos for a pet rescue organization and this is one of them. This is a dog that is like her Maggie. When I saw this photo, I actually thought about getting a dog. For a second. Then I came back to reality really quick. I’ve thought about getting a cat too. But that might put a damper on my travels. So, I guess I’ll stay in the no pet zone.

The funny thing is that a co-worker of mine suggested on Friday that I get a dog in order to meet men. Then the discussion evolved into what kind of man you’d attract if you had a Lab vs. a Toy Poodle. We quickly decided that if I was going to go that route I’d need to borrow a dog. But then again, you’d meet another dog lover…

So, I’m going with the original plan. I’m not going to think about it. I’ll meet #20B and have the usual nice conversation, etc. Odds are that I won’t ever need to meet the dogs. My contract will be up (Woo Hoo!!!) with the service. I’ll just keep doing things I like and having fun on my own.


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