A Night Under the Stars


It’s that time of year. You can feel the excitement throughout the entire week. On Friday, kids who have been ditching your class actually show up. Why? It’s Prom night.

Throughout the week you see and hear all of the signs of prom. They’re talking about their dresses, where they’re going to dinner, where they’re going afterwards, etc. Colors of their dresses aren’t the only colors that I’m noticing. The girls, themselves, are changing color. Some have turned that artificial orange/tan color. I saw another that just is too pale to try it and was sporting a very pink, painful looking sunburn. There’s a group of 25 couples that has rented a bus – the “party bus” as they call it.

It’s always interesting to see which kids are going together. One thing that is different from years ago is that you no longer have to have a date for prom. Kids go in groups. One group had six girls and one boy. Some even come by themselves. There’s always a group of Autistic kids that come with their teachers. They’re so cute, all dressed up and excited to be there.

I think I’ve chaperoned the Prom every year that I’ve been teaching. It’s always a fun evening. The kids are excited to be dressed up. They look fantastic. Some of them look so different that you hardly recognize them. It’s so nice to see the boys with pants that have the waist AT their waist! The dresses are in every color of the rainbow. Many are very tasteful and the girls look gorgeous. There are always a few that give you that crinkled brow reaction. Sometimes you see a dress and you are fearful the whole night that something might fall out of the dress. (Yes, something did at the end, but I was fortunate enough to miss it!)

The dancing is another story. They all seem to know the bump and grind type of dancing. Can you call it dancing? I feel like I should avert my eyes. When they’re doing that type of dancing and it’s really explicit, we’re supposed to go and tap them on the shoulder to get them to stop. Well… I’m not exactly comfortable with doing that. It’s partly because I think they’d look at me and just laugh if I tried. It’s more effective when an Assistant Principal does it. After a few songs in a row with the bump and grind beat, one of the AP’s went to the DJ and asked if he could change it up to something not as conducive to the B&G. The next song you hear? That Cotton Eyed Joe song. There’s nothing like country music to break that up!

You can tell if the Prom was a success by how many kids are around at the end. The DJ even remarked that he was impressed that so many kids stayed until the very end. So at 11:30 they all gathered their purses, discarded shoes and their coats and off they went. I prefer not to think about what happens after prom. I’ll just keep in mind the group that was going bowling and stay in my happy place…


2 Responses to “A Night Under the Stars”

  1. dkzody Says:

    Fabulous dress. Must have been a wonderful night. I’m surprised that the dance is on a Friday night. My students want to take all day to get ready so none of them would be at school if the prom was on a Friday night.

  2. certainabsurdity Says:

    I think it’s cheaper to get a place on a Friday night. Our students have to be in school for 1st and 2nd hours. They’re excused for the second half of the day. So they get to leave at about 10:30am.

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