Searching for Mexican

Continuing our food adventure…

The following day we ventured out to Nuevo Vallarta to visit a friend. So our main meal was dinner. We came back and set off for town on the bus. We wandered around looking for a Mexican restaurant. My friend had the name of one in her head, but we weren’t stumbling across it. We meandered into the Blue Shrimp neighborhood. We walked by and they had greeters outside, including Sam, one of the main dudes. We were invited to dine there again, but we said we were trying to find a particular place for Mexican. “I have the perfect place for you!” The next thing we know, there is a waiter walking us to Si Senor.

We arrive at Si Senor with everyone expecting us. They had called from The Blue Shrimp with a request for guacamole and salsa on the house. Our cheery waiter, Adolfo, made it at our table.


Sam had also called in an order of Platon Ranchero. It is a dish for two, with home made tortillas, pork, beef, crab stuffed chili relleno and mole enchiladas. There were cactus paddles, pickled red onion, more guacamole and other tasty bits to add. I’m salivating just thinking about it…


I don’t think either of us had planned on that big of a dinner. But when they’re so hospitable, what’s a girl to do? Keep on enjoying the good food!


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