F Pass

At lunch today we were talking about naughty kids.  What can you really do with them?  You send them out, they eventually come back.  As teachers we do have ways of dealing with unruly kids.  But even with your ability to kick them out, you still end up taking a lot from them.  When they’re on their way out, it’s not uncommon to be the target of an angry remark.  We all have pretty thick skin after being called a bitch, or being told to F off.  For some reason, I don’t think lots of people have that occurrence in their jobs on a regular basis.

One teacher added, “Wouldn’t it be great if you had a couple of passes per year where it was ok to say F off right back?  You know, sort of like a pass to be in the hallway, or a pass to turn in a late assignment.”  Now there’s an idea… 

I’m guessing it won’t quite catch on.  But for those who just need an outlet for their anger… you can always hide behind your desk and flip them the bird.

**Disclaimer: This really isn’t a common occurrence.  But sometimes they really push your buttons and teachers end up taking a lot of abuse because a particular kid is having a bad day or whatever the case may be.


2 Responses to “F Pass”

  1. eyeingtenure Says:

    If only there wasn’t the threat of litigation. Heh.

  2. dkzody Says:

    So, you have students whose mouths need to be washed out with soap? Yesterday I followed a kid through the office who was screaming a litany of profanity and even one of the students in the office said he needed a bar of soap for that kind of language. They hear it at home, along with so much anger, and they repeat what they know. The parents come in, and then you realize just where the kid gets it. “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree;” I just want to plant a new orchard.

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