Bad TV

Why do I have it on tonight? The only thing on, has my least favorite person – in the world. I wonder how long he has to practice his speech? I wonder who helps him with the big words…

He sounds like such a fraud. Now he’s on the bandwagon of global warming. He’s saying things, but it’s really in response to the overwhelming press that this topic has gotten in recent years. Has he signed the Kyoto treaty? Nope.

Oh God… Now he’s on the medical research topic. Like he knows diddly squat about it… Ethical medical research… What does this many really know? What the teleprompter tells him to say.

I don’t know where he was getting his education stats earlier. NCLB is a good law? C’mon. Anyone directly involved knows otherwise. His push for scholarships for inner city kids to go to some faith based school instead of their failing inner city school is crap. The second they mis-behave, they’re outta there. And why is the inner city school failing? We all know where that blame game is going. I’ll choose not to go there in this post…

Now he’s onto illegal immigration. Has anyone figured out that Americans won’t do the labor that these so-called illegal immigrants are doing? Many of these immigrants are using somebody’s social security number and are therefore paying into it. What about the companies that are hiring them?

Yep. Now we’re to the war on Tare. Can this guy learn how to say the word TERROR? I’m incredibly opposed to him on this. Last year, his speech directly affected me. My brother got stuck in Iraq for an extra 4 months. Does anyone have any idea how devastating that was to the troops there? No matter how you look at it, there are over 3000 US military deaths since this war started. I attribute that directly to this one person.

I really should shut the TV off. But part of me want to hear just so I know what crap he is spewing. I guess I’m trying to be informed. If you’re a fan on the man, I was going to say “sorry”. But I’m not. When he is gone, history will tell the story of the worst president in US history.

Oh… the positive aspect of this? It’s the last one.


2 Responses to “Bad TV”

  1. dkzody Says:

    I did shut my TV off as soon as the news was over and they switched to the senate chambers. I just could not end my day on this note.

  2. weenidog Says:

    oh man… the way he says terror makes me cringe every time. and we all know he loves to say it. he is sort of like a bad carwreck when he is speaking… it’s hard not to watch.

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