Any Guesses?

marketstuff21.jpgThis is a completely random post. I was in a market in Cuzco, Peru this summer. As I wandered through the aisles, I saw these. Any guesses as to what they are?

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Waiting to Load

I’ve been teaching a class for seniors that need to make up credits due to the NCLB (No Child Left Behind) requirements. It has been a struggle all year to come up with lesson plans because each kid needs something different. They’re all at different levels and basically need individual plans. Recently I’ve been able to try out a program online that allows them to work at their own pace. The catch? You’ve got to have computers – that work.

My school was re-wired over the summer and we’ve been dealing with computer problems since the beginning of the school year. I’m now in a room that has enough computers for each student in the class. Today was the first day that I had every one of them working on a computer.

I successfully got them all registered as users and ready to start working. The second they click to start their work, they have to wait for the program to load. Many of them loaded quickly. But a few took much, much longer. As typical teenagers, the few with the slow computers decided to entertain themselves while waiting. One started tapping on the table making “beats” while the other one made various rhythms/noises in the “boom, chicka, boom” variety. The “beat master” then started to “flow” about slow computers and whatever else was on his mind. All I could do was sit there and enjoy the show. What else are you going to do while you’re waiting to load?

What am I doing?

Do you ever have such crazy things that happen during your work day that you just feel the need to share them? I do. I’m a teacher. There’s nothing more unpredictable than working with people. Specifically, teenagers. The things that happen range from making you laugh to making you want to cry.

Over the span of my career, I have periodically shared stories with my friends. Hopefully it makes them smile or think of life with a little different perspective. When I first started teaching I was worried about getting it right with the content. As many teachers would tell you, the content seems minor compared to everything else you do. It’s that “everything else” where you meet some truly unique individuals that change your life.

Welcome to my blog, where it’s certain to be absurd in some way.